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Last night we went on the ghost tours of Boston. It was a small group, us and a father with his 2 daughters from San Diego. I don't know if this is a coincidence but we are come across a lot of people from San Diego on this trip so far.
Anyway, again we had a great guide. She was a very engaging story telling, really able to suck you in and engage your full attention. I desperately wanted to see a ghost or ghoul or specter, anything! Straining my eyes into the darkness of the central burial ground and the Boston common where thousands of bodies are buried. Thousands. But no, nothing revealed itself to me. Nevertheless, we heard some rather creepy stories. Murdered doctors, grave robbers, the Boston strangler, Mary Dyer and other pioneer women who were hanged on Boston common.... We went into the Omni Parker hotel were we saw the room in which JFK proclaimed at age 5 that he would be president one day, and later proposed to Jackie. Also saw a fabulously creepy mirror into which Charles Dickens read his Christmas Carol put aloud to give voice to the characters. In this hotel Ho Chi Minh was a pastry cook! At the athanaeum, we heard about the highwayman who repented and was forgiven by a brave man who challenged him unarmed. The highwayman wrote his memoirs and asked that upon his death he have his writings bound in covers made of his own skin. One book is in this private library, the other has been lost.
Boston at night is really good.

This morning we took the Amtrak to NYC. We passed through Rhode Island and Connecticut. Travel is the best geography lesson you can have. I truly love the houses in this part of the country. The wood cladding and steep roofs. I like the forests and so many waterways (with water in it, unlike Australia where a creek is a dry shallow divet in the ground). The scenery is like a balm to my eyes.
The journey was an easy 4hrs. At Penn St station, it was like being in Hong Kong, people everywhere in some kind of organized chaos. Pick an exit, any exit! A short ride to east village by taxi, and we arrived at our lovely arty studio apartment. The owners are artists and the place is FULL of art and books.... I did not know this when I booked so this is a bonus!
We just had to go stock up for breakfast at the Wholefoods Supermarket a few blocks away. OMG. This particular store of the chain covers a whole block and is 2 storeys high. A simple shopping list becomes a nightmare for the indecisive types. My bug-eyed, bird neck action was in max mode. I'm talking about looking at everything in all directions with my eyes on stalks. In Australia not many people even know what kale is. I've recently started making kale chips at home (thanks to a friend's introduction to this taste delight), but over here you can buy kale chips in all sorts of flavours. There were 2 shelves of the stuff!
There are tiny shops I can only glimpse into as I walk by... I feel like I am holding up ten thousand people behind me if I stop to window shop. Everything is so enticing and curious and different. Do these people know how lucky they are?!
We ate evening meal at a middle eastern cafe, serving hummus, pita and falafels etc.
Now back in the apartment, I wonder if I'll sleep in the city that never sleeps. I will have Morcheeba to keep me company. She's singing her New York themed song to me. I will be pondering the question, what do New York couples fight about? With the street just below, I might find out if anyone outside has a barney.

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